Wayana’s utilize new agriculture method

For this project, the Mulokot Foundation teamed up with the Netherlands-based Foundations for Farming. Several members of our organization as well as locals from the…

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The Mulokot Foundation is currently working on building a Wayana-school inKawemhakan, Anapaike. This was made possible with financial aid from Belvosur,an organization that works to…

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Solar-powered boats built by Wayana’s

Wayana’s from the South-eastern part of Suriname are developing boats thatare fully powered by solar energy. The initiative was taken by Stichting Mulokot,an Indigenous organization…

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Guidance & Updates Related to COVID-19

Guidance & Updates Related to COVID-19 The health and well-being of the animals in our care, our staff, and the community we serve are our top priority. HRA continues to work with health officials and… Continue reading