The first Wayana student Mulokot Supports

This week Stephan Koemaja starts with his last year at SPI (school for becoming a teacher). Stephan is from the Wayana village Apetina and for…

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The Wayana school

The last primary school we had in our village Kawemhakan, closed its doors at the start of the Surinamese Interior War and was never reopened,…

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Jupta together with Mr. Molu Kolu from Kenia. Jupta was in Nicaragua from 20 January till 27th.There she has finished her Indigenous Leadership training from…

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Slide THE MULOKOT FOUNDATION Feeling the necessity to take the future of our community in our own hands, The Mulokot Foundation was founded in April 2018 by the Paramount Chief of the Wayana community, Ipomadi Pelenapin. The goals of the foundation are to bring sustainable development to the Wayana community by capacity building, developing management skills, managing projects in the community, providing training, and advocacy. The foundation is the legal and the executive branch of the village leaders. We advise and coordinate projects and plans for the development of the Wayana communities. The foundation coordinates the collaboration with the government and with NGOs, and also maintains a network of specialists in and outside Suriname. Learn more

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Guidance & Updates Related to COVID-19

Guidance & Updates Related to COVID-19 The health and well-being of the animals in our care, our staff, and the community we serve are our top priority. HRA continues to work with health officials and… Continue reading