The road to clean drinking water

Villagers from Indigenous communities are mostly dependent on rain water and theuse of water from the nearby rivers. The use of river water is accompanied…

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Wayana’s utilize new agriculture method

For this project, the Mulokot Foundation teamed up with the Netherlands-based Foundations for Farming. Several members of our organization as well as locals from the…

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The Wayana school in Kawemhakan

The Mulokot Foundation is currently working on building a Wayana-school inKawemhakan, Anapaike. This was made possible with financial aid from Belvosur,an organization that works to…

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Guidance & Updates Related to COVID-19

Guidance & Updates Related to COVID-19 The health and well-being of the animals in our care, our staff, and the community we serve are our top priority. HRA continues to work with health officials and… Continue reading