The Wayana school in Kawemhakan

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The Mulokot Foundation is currently working on building a Wayana-school inKawemhakan, Anapaike. This was made possible with financial aid from Belvosur,an organization that works to help children in need in Suriname. Kawemhakan already operates its own Wayana-school, where children areeducated on the beauty which is the Wayana-culture as well as languages such asDutch and English. […]

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Solar-powered boats built by Wayana’s

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Wayana’s from the South-eastern part of Suriname are developing boats thatare fully powered by solar energy. The initiative was taken by Stichting Mulokot,an Indigenous organization that assists the traditional authority of the Wayana. Forthe project, Stichting Mulokot partnered with the Achuar indigenous people inEcuador. There, the technology is already in operation with the help of […]

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In the second week of January, we took soil samples for our Project: New agricultural method (less slash and burn) for the Wayana and Trio indigenous in Suriname. Anielkoemar Gangadin of the University of Suriname is helping us with this project. Aniel is an entomologist (insect expert) and a specialist in fighting harmful insects in […]

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