In a world where gender equality remains an ongoing pursuit, initiatives that uplift and empower women are crucial in order to accelerate progress in achieving goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Mulokot Foundation, which is committed to women’s empowerment, once again commemorated the International Women’s Day by organizing a Business fair on March 8th 2024. 

Held in Bar Bizar in downtown Paramaribo, the business fair brought together a diverse array of female entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries. The atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm and anticipation, as attendees eagerly explored the various products, services, and initiatives led by women.

The significance of the International Women’s Day theme this year, “Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress,” echoed throughout the event. It underscored the essential role that women play in driving economic growth and societal advancement. By investing in women, whether through access to education, financial resources, or mentorship opportunities, communities can unlock their immense potential and drive progress forward.

One of the highlights of the fair was the platform that all businesses received in order to pitch their products and services to all attendees and also the people watching during the livestream.
From seasoned business owners to aspiring startups, women had the chance to exchange ideas and form partnerships that could contribute to their entrepreneurship.

The fair was opened with a traditional ceremony with Sambura music, where after the chairman of the Mulokot Foundation, Jupta Itoewaki held her opening remarks which celebrated women through and through. The chairman of the Association of Indigenous Village Chiefs in Suriname also held a speech where she extended her heartfelt gratitude to Mulokot for taking this initiative. The fair  featured lively entertainment such as live performances by Dalia La Negra and her band as well as a Latin dance workshop. There was also a special “kids corner” dedicated to entertain children with kid-friendly activities such as drawing and coloring.

As the fair came to an end, the solidarity among attendees could be felt. The Mulokot Foundation’s International Women’s Day Business Fair not only celebrated the achievements of women but had also reignited the commitment to championing gender equality and inclusivity in all layers of society. The business fair embodied the commitment of the Mulokot Foundation: to empower, inspire, and uplift women to reach their full potential. By investing in women and providing them with the support and opportunities they deserve, we can indeed accelerate progress towards a more prosperous future for all.