The Wayana school

The last primary school we had in our village Kawemhakan, closed its doors at the start of the Surinamese Interior War and was never reopened, until recently. The Mulokot Foundation, together with Nia Tero, started a project to set up a school. At the moment there is not enough money to build our own school building, so we are temporarily using a vacant building. At the end of February, the colorful school furniture has arrived which makes the classroom more beautiful.

Thanks to the fellowship program of Nia Tero, we were able to develop a didactic program, based on the needs and values of the Wayana indigenous. So, no lessons about trains, snow, and other subjects which we don’t have in our territory. But about subjects from Wayana daily life and about our culture, history, and biodiversity.

We started classes with headteacher Leon and teachers Michel and Lisa. They are doing a great job. They have created, together with the community, all the educational and training materials, to engage students (from young children to youngsters, and adults) in learning by providing more relevant and/or culturally teaching materials.