Jupta Itoewaki, chairwoman of the Mulokot Foundation, is currently participating in the International Visitor Leadership Program, “A global moment in time: Peace and Justice” from Saturday, January 14, 2023 – Saturday, January 28, 2023. This multi regional project is an initiative of the US Department of State and aims at examining ways to build peace and justice at local and regional levels around the world.

Ms. Itoewaki’s participation was facilitated by the US Embassy in Suriname.
Approximately 60 participants from all over the world will learn how leaders and organizations in the United States actively engage in mediating disputes arising from political, socioeconomic, ethnic, religious, and regional differences. They will explore conflict resolution methods and strategies for directing positive political, social, and economic change in a democratic society.

 Furthermore, participants will examine and share essential leadership skills needed to balance divergent social demands and interests when confronting political, social, and economic challenges. The project includes a series of interactive dialogues, a global virtual summit on Peace and Justice, and an action planning session. The delegation will receive training from professionals and experts in different cities in the United States, Washington, Denver, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Portland, Saint Louis and Miami.

Ms. Itoewaki will utilize the knowledge gained to strengthen and intensify her activism at national and international level. This is to propel her efforts in the fight for sustainable development and access to full human rights for the Wayana Indigenous community.