Marciano Pelenapin

Marciano Pelenapin was born on October 12th, 2001, in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. When he was just a few days old his parents took him to their village Kawemhakan, which is located in the deep south of Suriname. This is where Marciano was raised.

Due to the lack of schools in Kawemhakan, Marciano attended primary school in French Guiana, which he completed when he was twelve. He also attended secondary education in French Guiana which he could not finish due to not having proper documentation. Being educated in French Guiana, he speaks French fluently as well as Wayana.

Since June of 2022, he works for the Mulokot Foundation where he mainly works on the mapping project and bio-cultural monitoring.

Marciano enjoys playing soccer and volleyball. He is currently the tallest person from his village, giving him a vast advantage. He describes himself as being a people person and loves having fun.

He is the son of Ipomadi Pelenapin, the head chief of Kawemhakan and co-founder of the Mulokot Foundation. Marciano has a good relationship with his parents, especially his father whom he looks up to. His biggest aspiration is to walk in his father’s footsteps and become head-chief of Kawemhakan in the future. His reason for this is because he has seen the work his father together with the Mulokot Foundation has done for the community. He would like to continue this work in order to bring further development to Kawemhakan.