Elisabeth Leysner-Schuurmans

Financial Manager

Elisabeth joined the Mulokot team as financial coordinator in March 2021 and holds the responsibility to accurately account for the allocation of Mulokot funds. She is not indigenous but has been familiar with the Wayana People of Suriname through the work of other organizations in the region. She is of Dutch origin but has her roots in Suriname since she was four years old, now married to her Surinamese husband and proud mother of their 5-year-old son.

Prior to returning to Suriname, Elisabeth graduated from Erasmus University in Rotterdam and has worked in various financial roles, through which she has built the capacity to perform her task in the Mulokot team. While being comfortable analyzing a lot of numbers, she is grateful to do so in Mulokot, as the projects sustainably ensure a better world for tomorrow, something she is passionate about.

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