Gregory Lindenberg

Gregory D. Lindenberg

Gregory D. Lindenberg was born on November 16th 1989 and raised in Bernharddorp, Para. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a doctor. A dream that he ultimately realized in march of 2020 by graduating from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Anton de Kom University.

Currently, Gregory is the Public Health coordinator at Mulokot. He is tasked with writing and coordinating research proposals for health issues in all areas where Mulokot operates.

Before joining the Mulokot Foundation, Gregory provided medical services for the Regional Health Service Department in Suriname.

He aspires to become a research doctor, specifically a public health expert who specializes in the health status of Indigenous people. Furthermore, he also strives to gain expertise in traditional medicine and apply this to improve the health of Indigenous people.

A quote he lives by goes as follows: “Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more”- Osho

According to Gregory, this quote is important to him because there came a moment in his life where, partly because of books by this spiritual Guru, he went from being a rational person to a more spiritual person. When making decisions it sometimes reminds him to pay attention to what the heart is saying, rather than his analytical mind.

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