Léon Ribas

Education Coordinator

Léon Rafael Robert Ribas

Léon Rafael Robert Ribas was born on July 6th 1989 in France. He has been living in the Wayana community since 2012 and is an avid nature lover.

Ribas is a polyglot who speaks French (his mother tongue), Spanish, English, Dutch, Wayana and Portugese. He has a passion for education. In 2017, he attained a master’s degree in Educational Science at the Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Étienne in France.

Ribas has been with the Mulokot foundation since January of 2021. He is the coordinator for our Wayana education center where youngsters are provided education from a Wayana-perspective.

As a child he had dreams of becoming a musician. He enjoys playing the piano, guitar, saxophone, drums and also singing. Furthermore, he is proud of his Spanish heritage from his father who’s from Mallorca.

He describes himself as a friendly, positive and curious individual. In the future, he would love to study agro-ecology in France and reduce his carbon footprint.

A quote he lives by goes as follows: “Accept what you cannot change. Change what you cannot accept” – Unknown

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