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Michel Nailoepun, born in 1986, is a proud member of the Wayana community and holds the distinction of being one of the inaugural team members at the Mulokot Foundation. Within our organization, Michel plays a pivotal role in our Education Team, where his formal education as a primary school teacher comes to the forefront.

While Michel may come across as quiet initially, his reserved demeanor belies a wealth of knowledge and insights that he readily shares once engaged in conversation. As a teacher for the youngsters, Michel brings a unique perspective to the table, drawing on his educational background to contribute significantly to our mission at the Mulokot Foundation.

One of Michel’s standout qualities is his dedication to the development of our Wayana school. With a passion for preserving and promoting Wayana traditions and culture, he has been instrumental in crafting a curriculum that reflects our unique heritage and teaching methods. Michel’s vision extends beyond conventional education, aiming to instill a profound sense of cultural identity and pride among the young minds he nurtures.

In addition to his professional contributions, Michel is a devoted family man. The love and care he invests in his two children are a testament to his commitment to family values. Outside of his role as an educator, Michel finds immense joy in spending quality time with his kids, fostering strong familial bonds that echo the cultural importance placed on community and kinship within the Wayana tradition.

Michel Nailoepun stands as a cornerstone in the Mulokot Foundation, embodying the essence of cultural preservation, education, and family values. His commitment to shaping the minds of the younger generation and his efforts to integrate Wayana traditions into the educational framework highlight the invaluable contributions he makes to our organization and the broader Wayana community.

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