Caribbean Development Bank

We are happy and proud to announce that Mulokot in collaboration with BNTF and the Caribbean Development Bank will carry out the Project “Clean drinking water for all Wayana villages and camps in Suriname”.
As a result, all Wayana Indigenous people in Suriname (7 villages and camps) will be provided with a drinking water installation with solar-powered pumps in the coming years so that we have clean drinking water all year round.
We are going to use the so-called “bio sand filter with activated carbon”. This method, which has now been tried abroad, is sustainable and easy to maintain and manage by the Wayana itself.
Final details will be discussed and determined in collaboration with BNTF in the coming months. Then, hopefully before the end of this year, we can start with the first village. Because for years the drinking water has been obtained from creeks, but these are no longer clean in recent years and they sometimes also fall dry during the rainy season.
Towards a healthy Wayana population, with less diarrhea and other skin diseases.
Our thanks also go to Twan Meijers, who helped write the project plan last year.
We can do it ourselves, we can do it ourselves!!!!
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