Capacity building

The responsibility of the Wayana Foundations since 2019, is to realize the dreams of the Wayana community of having sustainable villages and territory based on human dignity. This involves integrating all important aspects of life, such as spirituality and respect for the natural environment that guides all healthy and durable sustainable development approaches.
At the end of 2019 we created, with alle the Wayana communities and traditional leaders, the Wayana vision document 2020 – 2030. The last 3 years we have accomplished the following Achievements:
• Capacity building (training/coaching in financial management, project management, leadership, multimedia, podcast etc.) for the Foundation and team members
• Etäkëlë meetings (3 per year) to get all the Wayana communities together
• A Wayana school in Kawemhakan
• “A Wayana house” for students living in Paramaribo
• Wayana Radio podcast
• Establishing the Piya foundation for Apetina and the Paatu foundation for Palumeu
• Waste management program in Kawemhakan
• Awareness to revive our cultural heritage
• Expanding partnerships, networking with international organizations. This involves participating in international meetings such as the UN Permanent Forum and others.
• Women empowerment to retain their livelihood
• Training and information sharing about suicide- and domestic violence prevention
• Training about the consequences of alcohol abuse
• Human rights, gender equality, and inclusiveness
• Awareness of the need to sustainable land use management and preserving ecosystems
We are employing 15 co-workers at the moment, 9 of them are Indigenous.

Mulokot involved: Andsre Increases, Jupta Ituwaki
Involved in capacity building Apetina: Dijon Koemapu and Michel Nailoepun