Clean drinking water project

Projectnaam: Water Security for the Wayana Communities of Suriname (using a Bio Active Carbon water purified system)
Communites: Wayana of Kawemhakan, Apetina, Palumeu, Lensidede, Kumakapan, Tutu Kampu and Anini Kampu
Donor: BNTF of the Carribean Development bank

The project in question aims to provide clean water to the Wayana by purifying the polluted water from the natural sources. In each village, water from the rivers and creeks is to be pumped through purification systems specially designed to filter those harmful substances that have polluted the water, such as mercury. The purified water will then be collected in tanks and, by using different solar pumps, the water from the tanks will be distributed throughout a village.
Those involved: Andre Verhoogt en Greg Lindenberg