Thursday the 29th of September 2022, marks a monumental moment for our very
own Temikaidoe Makiloewala, commonly known as Ms. Melissa. She is the
second woman of the Mulokot Foundation to receive the Golden Gavel award. Our
chairwoman Ms. Jupta Itoewaki, previously received the award in 2020.

Ms. Melissa was recognized for her passionate activism and dedicated work in the
Wayana indigenous territory in the South of Suriname. This is extremely difficult
especially since our own government does not fulfill its responsibilities in even the
most basic needs. It takes great resilience to actively work on protecting our forest
and communities, something Ms. Melissa has demonstrated time and time again.
She is a strong and courageous leader and a great role model.
Ms. Melissa is also the wife of chief Ipomadi Pelenapin, whom she has also
supported and continues to support throughout his endeavors.

The award ceremony is hosted annually by the Platform Politically Active Women
Foundation. The aim of the award ceremony is to fuel the passion of women to
participate in the political field, to increase the realization of women’s active role in
(political) decision-making and to develop the skills necessary for showing
leadership in communities.

The entire Mulokot Family is extremely proud of Ms. Melissa. It was an honor to
witness her receiving her award as we were there to support her. She will remain to
inspire, especially the younger women of our organization, to walk in her