The Mulokot Foundation

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Ipomadi Pelenapin
Paramount Chief of the Wayana Indigenous and Founder of the Mulokot Foundation.


Feeling the necessity to take the future of our community in our own hands, The Mulokot Foundation was founded in April 2018 by the Paramount Chief of the Wayana community, Ipomadi Pelenapin. The goals of the foundation are to bring sustainable development to the Wayana community by capacity building, developing management skills, managing projects in the community, providing training, and advocacy. The Mulokot Foundation operates in all nine Wayana villages which are as follows: Kawemhakan, Apetina, Lensidede, Kumakhapan
Palumeu, Tutu Kampu, Akani Kampu, Halala Kampu and High Five Kampu.

Mulokot will do everything in its power to improve the life of the Wayana Indigenous people, in the south of Suriname (and possibly in French Guiana and Brazil). This will be done from an Indigenous perspective. Integrity, Honesty and solidarity act as the basis of our treatment of each other as well as our communities and our partners.

Mission: We are an organization of, for and by Wayana Indigenous people from Suriname, who want to achieve the development goals (based on the SDGs) in collaboration with our traditional authority. We only execute and participate in projects that bring actual development to the Wayana communities/areas. We work with everyone as long as there is equality and a good partnership. It is also very important to us that our Wayana FPIC protocols are respected.

The foundation is the legal and the executive branch of the village leaders. We advise and coordinate projects and plans for the development of the Wayana communities. The foundation coordinates the collaboration with the government and with NGOs, and also maintains a network of specialists in and outside Suriname.

The foundation and its board consist solely of members of the Wayana community, and the Chief, together with other village leaders, decides who will be part of the board.

We have our by-laws and are registered by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Suriname; KKF number 36436.
Since 2019, The Mulokot Foundation is officially acknowledged by the United Nations as an Indigenous Community Based Organization.